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Our Asset Management team was created with an ambition to make Asset Management a tangible and manageable ambition for organizations. Our sole purpose is to ensure that our clients obtain an Asset Management System compliant with ISO 55000 that lives and thrives in the daily operation.

It is a bold ambition – but an obtainable one. With Terotech background within maintenance and our constant desire to take this to the next level, the natural ambition for us is to spread the asset management standard and ensure that it creates value for our clients.

We are driven by the ambition to make lasting change optimizing effective output from our assets throughout their lifetime. We see our clients as partners in the same mission and realize the uniqueness and cultural differences that has to be protected in the implementation process. Our asset management unit therefore focuses on advising our partners in how to strategically manage and achieve their asset and maintenance objectives. We support them building maintenance management systems, asset management strategies, ensure the cultural change, and efficient implementation of work processes.

Maintenance & Assets Analysis

The basis of many of our assignments always starts with a look at where you are today and what gaps need to be filled before achieving your asset management or maintenance ambitions.

We help you define your ambitions and define the “what good looks like” for your organization. Combining the ambition with at review of where you are today – we develop the plan and requirements for you to succeed. The plan is based on experience from a variety of different industries, our own ambitions, and your dream – a tailored way to optimizing the performance of your assets.

Asset Management Implementation

Embarking on an Asset Management journey requires ressources, patience and a holistic understanding of business processes influencing the performance of your assets. Terotech provides you with an executing partner that can assist your organizational team with the implementation. Whether it is in the field of maintenance and service, engineering, warehouse management, data intelligence or cultural change management; Terotech is the partner for you. Together with our partners we ensure a strategic but practical implementation of your asset management ambitions – from idea over build to living Terotech supports you all the way.

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