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Operations & maintenance technology

Our Operations & Maintenance Technology develop the maintenance and documentation software tools you require. Terotech has the ability to combine O&M understanding with the data and software requirements of a developer. This is symbiose in its finest essence – we understand your operational requirements and develop it inhouse – effective and focused. Our own standard for technical documentation and information management is a module in the Terotech Asset Portal (TAP+).

TAP+ is our vision for managing asset information across various data and documentation standards. Our DMS module in TAP+ is a technical portal for Your engineering and O&M team to access technical documentation, maintenance information and operational data.

Through intelligent P&ID’s and 360° Virtual Tours the TAP+ interface is an intuitive and graphical access to all your equipment’s data and documentation. By implementing TAP+’s technical documentation interface you get an as-built technical documentation interface additional to intelligent P&ID’s and diagrams with access to:

  • Maintenance data in your CMMS
  • Technical documentation
  • Operational data
  • Work order and notification information
  • Spare part stock status
  • Documentation management

Intelligent P&ID’s

Our Intelligent P&ID’s are a production mangers best friend. This application provides an overview and help with day-to-day operations remotely, relate to breakdowns, maintenance, service, audit, or certifications.

Intelligent P&ID’s are a tool that connects piping and instrumentation diagrams with all equipment related documentation such as datasheets, pictures, manuals, spare parts lists, open work orders etc.  

360° Virtual Tours

We offer you a simple and user-friendly virtual 360-degree panoramic view of your facilities, which allows remotely walkthroughs through your facilities.

In our added bubble views, your facilities will be labelled with info spots with the necessary data that will be tailored to your unique information need. You will benefit from ensuring quick and clear access to the specifications you need for future modifications, repairs and for optimal maintenance.

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