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Operational maintenance support

The Terotech organization matches our customers’ technical organization, and we must always have a complete understanding of all levels of the technical organization. This is why we have built our own service organization, Operational Maintenance Support, consisting of multi-skilled service technicians.

As the large number of crucial tasks compiles at the closure of a project, our technical team can support you freeing up your time for other tasks. Successful commissioning comes down to thorough planning and execution where all safety hazards are identified and mitigated.

Our technicians have a holistic understanding, allowing us to complete tasks from A-Z. We prepare, plan, coordinate, install, commission, and report – so the customer has a Single Point of Contact throughout the partnership.

With Terotech Operational Maintenance Support team you get a service partner that handles all aspects of the job.

Installation & Commissioning

Our technical team can support the process and free your time when a large number of crucial tasks bundle together upon project closures. Successful commissioning comes down to thorough planning and execution where all safety hazards has been accounted.

Delays often occur when a sufficient number of unplanned issues occur during the project period, resulting in expensive delays. We provide the service your organization needs to keep the overview of the entire process by taking charge of fundamental tasks ensuring the success of every commissioning.

Service & Maintenance

Your most comprehensive service partner. Our skilled personnel have many years of experience in different industries managing complex process equipment categories such as centrifugal & reciprocating compressors, gas turbines, gears, motors, pumps, and generators.

We conduct world class maintenance, ensuring reliability with efficient and well executed service. Be it tomorrow, next week, a year from now, onshore, offshore, any industry, anywhere in the world – we are ready.

Interim Manpower

Our, competent, capable, and certified personnel are all ready to support in your organisation, whenever the need may arise, even with short notice. With our +20 years’ experience, we are able to provide competent and independent team players to match any of your requirements.

Periodic need of maintenance manpower can occur instantly or for planned comprehensive services. We offer a broad range of dedicated technician profiles who all will drive and solve all challenges they may face throughout a maintenance service. It is in our DNA.

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