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System & Data Management

In our System & Data Management department, we setup the maintenance system and write the governing procedures to ensure effective preventive maintenance. We build master data, technical documentation and set up the maintenance software with a focus on the user in the technical organization.

We ensure the full utilization of your maintenance software, integrating the work processes in your organisation by establishing the foundation for data founded condition-based maintenance.

We base our operations on the 4 C’s: Create – Change – Control – Counsel. Your organization must have a standardized way of creating data, the right processes of changing the data and the knowledge and organization to understand and control it correctly. To ensure this, we have added the last ingredient Counsel.

Our expert maintenance data team is ready to assist your organisation in succeeding in defining and implementing computerized maintenance management system aligned with operational work processes and governing data standards. Your guarantee for a functional data-based maintenance management system.

Maintenance optimization

Optimizing Your maintenance performance is often based on creating the right data foundation. At Terotech, we know data and documentation cannot stand alone, but must be the foundation on which your maintenance is built. Thus, creating a comprehensive and continuous learning and improvement basis for your organization.

Our System & Data Management team are experts in maintenance data and documentation management and combined with their operational understanding, the data and processes are constructed with the user in focus. Are you implementing a new CMMS or updating your current system – Do not hesitate to reach out to our System & Data experts.

ERP, CMMS support & configuration

We are experienced within CMMS such as SAP, Sertica, Navision and Dynamics, and know how to tailor each program to your organization. The configuration and implementation of each program is based on a thorough as-is assessment. The correct configuration and implementation of a CMMS is essential to achieve the continuous improvement of asset maintenance to release the full potential of your business.
We offer expert advisory within the set-up of your CMMS to enable the optimal environment for achieving higher reliability of your assets.

Governance & Standards

Your master data can do more harm than good if not managed properly. Thus, governance and standardization set-ups are required to ensure uniformity in your master data, making it an assistance instead of a hindrance. Your master data describing document portfolio must ensure correct creation, change and control of master data.

Our master data processors have the practical and theoretical experience needed to assist or fully deliver a useful and manageable master data Governance & Standardization set-up for your organization.

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